Five Favorites
“Just South of the Unicorns.” This American Life. 7.27.12.
Rocky Aoki’s Family Horror Show.” New York. 10.9.06.
“Building a Bigger Action Hero.” Men’s Journal. 5.14.
“The Biggest Cheats in Show Business.” New York. 4.4.16.
“You Ready to Rock? Cries the Not-in-Charge Person. Twinkle, Twinkle, The Crowd Roars.” New York. 5.17.04.

Five Entertainer Profiles
“Dern Has a Story for You.” The New York Times. 11.7.13.
“Wonder Boy: Robert Downey Jr. is at the Peak of His Talents. Again. For Now.” New York. 10.16.05.
“Rihanna Talks.” Glamour. 9.11.
“The Quiet Man: Chris Cooper.” New York. 1.9.11.
“Madam Helen: Helen Mirren.” New York. 6.20.09.

Five Filmmaker Profiles
“The Man Who Outraced Hollywood.” Wired. 6.16.
“A Prankster and His Films Mature.” The New York Times. 11.1.13.
“Mad to the Max.” Wired. 6.15.
“Pynchon’s Cameo, and Other Surrealities: Paul Thomas Anderson Films Inherent Vice.” The New York Times. 9.28.14.
“Casting Time as a Lead Character: Richard Linklater and Ethan Hawke on ‘Boyhood.'” The New York Times. 7.6.14.

Five Fun Ones
“Dear Saint West: I Too Once Had an Unusual Name.” The Cut. 12.9.15.
“How to Write a TV Drama.” New York. 5.12.13.
“Kanye West Tweets the Fall.” New York. 8.22.10.
“Amazon’s Echo is the New Vaudeville.” Wired/Backchannel. 4.25.16
“Meet the 4 Most Desired People in New York (According to OKCupid).” New York. 2.23.14.

Five Critical Essays
Mad Men Recaps: Seasons 2, 3, and 4. Vulture. 2008-2010.
“The New Media is Made of Memes.” Wired/Backchannel. 3.7.16.
“Memorable Men 2012: Daniel Day-Lewis.” The New York Times Magazine. 12.5.12.
“Generation X’s Midlife Crisis Bites Back.” Esquire. 2.27.14.
“The Defector: Is Match Point Woody Allen’s Comeback? Or Did He Just Get Lucky?” New York. 12.18.05.

Five Multimedia Packages
“Bad Guys: A GQ Portfolio.” GQ. 6.12.
“Demented Genius: Understanding Kanye West. Or trying to, anyway.” New York. 11.21.10.
2012 Sundance Coverage. 1.12.
“Hypothetical Gaga: Seventeen artists and designers reimagine the pop star.” New York. 5.8.11.
“The New Online Star System.” New York. 11.12.07.

Five Interviews
Annette Bening on Asking, and Answering, Tough Questions.The New York Times. 1.2.17.
“Slumdog’s Underdog.” New York. 11.10.08.
“Mila Kunis.” Glamour. 9.11.
“How I Made It: Spike Lee on Do the Right Thing.” New York. 4.7.08.
“Influences: Robert Redford.” New York. 5.6.06.

Five Videos
“TimesTalks: Lena Dunham and Norman Lear.” The New York Times. 1.22.16.
“TimesTalks: Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes.” The New York Times. 11.4.15.
“TimesTalks: Jared Leto.” The New York Times. 8.14.14.
“Talking Pictures on Demand.” NY1. 10.26.13.
“Werner Herzog Guides Us Through Bad Lieutenant’s Iguana Scene.” Vulture. 11.19.09.